Office League

  • 9 Entrants
  • £10 a head, winner takes all.
  • Bottom place provides the rest with sausage or bacon sandwiches and a drink of their choosing. (More important than the money)

OVERVIEW: The gamble paid off. 3 Newcastle players bought in for gameweek 30 has all but ensured I won’t be handing out sausage sandwiches this year, much like Newcastle all but confirming their own Priemer League survival. A clean sheet for Lascelles, an assist for Almiron and a goal for star man Saint-Maximin gave a very good haul of points. 64 points totalled, the only down side is that it seems to have been a good scoring week all round.

THIS WEEK’S PICKS: One transfer made for gameweek 31. Sergio Aguero limped off in Man City’s demolition of Burley on Monday night and although the severity of his knee injury is not known, it’s pretty certain he’ll miss this next match. I’ve replaced him with Harry Kane who is up against a massively struggling West Ham, big chance for points there. I’ve captained Mané as Liverpool are at home to Bournemouth whilst I’m looking for much of the same from the 3 Newcastle players- Home to Aston Villa, who haven’t won in 8, the pressure should be off Steve Bruce’s side.

Oh and I’ve thrown in my Bench boost chip this week too.

Work the channel’s lads!!

Gameweek 31 Team

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