OVERVIEW: A respectable 50 point haul maintains 5th position in the League, now only 2 points off 4th and dizzy Champions League heights. The standout performers were Rashford (captain), Willian and Almiron but disappointing showings from usual big hitters Kane, Sterling and Aubameyang was made somewhat worse by Vardy regaining some form after i’d just binned him. That happens, but all in all decent week. We move on to gameweek 34.

THIS WEEK’S PICKS: It’s a somber atmosphere in the dressing room this week. Yes I’ve had to do it – I’ve transferred out 2 of my 3 Newcastle players, taking another -4 in the process. The reason – they are away to Manchester City. Lascelles is out and in comes Laporte as well as Phil Foden replacing Miguel Almiron. As alluded to in a previous post, I learned pretty quickly how important it is to use your head rather than being guided by the heart in selection terms. I’m fully aware that home to Newcastle it’s a chance for City to fill their boots, especially after a poor defeat in their last match. I can’t see the toon scoring meaning Laporte is a clean sheet candidate and, providing Pep plays Sterling and Foden, there’s a chance of big points there, painful as that may be.

Kane will be captain with Tottenham away at struggling Bournemouth while Sterling will take the vice role. If I could guarantee Guardiola’s team selection then these may have been the other way round. The City boss is a fantasy football manager mine field and trying to preempt him is like picking lottery numbers at times.

Got to fancy Rashford at Villa and Willian is in fine form for Chelsea. Overall, quite confident this round.

Also, Saint-Maximin retains his place and is the sole TOON flag flyer, couldn’t take them all out.


Team selection gameweek 34

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