Hello all.

We are approaching a whole year of this blog. A blog that all started over a prospective takeover of Newcastle United and some of the failings of the (then and still) club owner Mike Ashley. A year on, it’s about the only thing that remains unchanged in the world, albeit with added nightmare of the club now starring down the barrel of relegation again.

In that time, football has been halted, restarted and, at grassroots level, halted twice more as the pandemic strengthened it’s grip on everyday life. Games played in empty stadia has made for a tepid spectacle with the video assistant referee giving extra added nonsense. But, silver lining, at least Liverpool’s first title in 30 years turned out to be a damp squib and their defence of it even more so.


I’m looking at a few tweaks to the blog going into year 2. The blog itself will be still be predominantly football based but I want to broaden some subject matters by adding things such as TV, Films and Games, as well any other sports or general happenings that may be interesting or amusing.

This will include a site name change and revamp. Quite frankly, the site name is awful and I cringe every time I have to type or read it out. It was rushed in its inception and coming up with names isn’t a strong point of mine. After all, my daughter was known as the girl for nearly 24 hours after birth the poor bairn. Anyway, it will be RIP Blogintofootball *shudders down the spine*

No doubt I’ll come up with something equally as bad so any title suggestions or logo designs would be great, just @me if you have something strong, bold, witty or unique – Etch your name in a little bit of history.


We’ve gained a nice little following over the last 12 months, more than was expected. (which was about 10) I get a fare bit of interaction with the Fantasy Premier League pieces which is great fun and a bit of daft carry on. That will of course continue for the rest of this season and into next. Maybe if enough of the followers are up for it, I may even start a site mini league and incorporate it into the blog.


Writing stuff down about football when you have a spare hour or 2 is just great. Most of what I write is complete and utter shit but it’s good fun, I wish I had the time to post more often. If anyone out there would like to write any pieces for the site feel free to send me anything you like. It, quite clearly, doesn’t even need to be good, as long as it’s interesting or funny I’ll post it, with accreditations of course. Just don’t expect too much coverage or feedback… unless it’s about fantasy football, it still baffles me how popular FPL is world wide. Play your bench boost at the wrong time and Anwar from India will be sure to let you know right away, suggesting a bullet point plan for the following fixture set…… Appreciate that Anwar but I still scored 80 odd points that week😉

Anyway, I’ll finish in the only way that’s appropriate, STEVE BRUCE HAS TO GO, YESTERDAY.

Catch you on the flip side and remember to STAY WITH YOUR RUNNERS.

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