We’re back!!

I’m not going to say too much this week, we’ll just let the figures do the talking

Theres only a couple of points I want to make in relation to GW35. The first is the buzz of hitting the tonne. We a had a few earlier in the season and it can be easy it take them for granted. When you have the sort of baron run we’ve had recently it’s a bloody sweet feeling.

The second point is it could have been even better because the week started pretty poorly to be honest. Of our starting defenders, Evans was injured in the warm up, Kabak was injured, didn’t play, and Maguire, who was in line for the big triple threat of points, got injured in the first of those games. In the end it became the big triple threat of injuries. To make matters worse, the bench only contributed 3 points, with 18 left lingering and unaccounted for. It goes to show, positioning your substitutes correctly can gain/save you big points at times.

Anyway that’s knit-picking. 100 points!


As I said earlier, I’m trying to keep this short and sweet this week, letting the RAFA FACTS do the talking. The only thing to be aware of in game week 36 is that there are no fixtures for Man United, Chelsea, Leicester or Arsenal, this is due to the FA Cup final – Another sizeable negative starting point incoming.


Another -12 and here it is

GW 36

As you can see it’s a 3 pronged spurs attack with Calvert-Lewin leading out the team. Nothing much to say, except SAME AGAIN, LADS.


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